Spotlight On: House 6

House 6 Brewing Co.- Ashburn, Virginia

Welcome to Beer In Loudoun! Each week we plan on spotlighting one brewery in Loudoun County. These spotlights will include a short interview, an overview of the beers we tried, and a bit about the atmosphere of the brewery. Cheers!

The Interview:

Enjoy our spotlight on House 6!

The Beer: House 6 has a very wide variety of beers on tap representing many different styles, so as it often goes the 3 of us made drastically different choices when it was time to try their beer, and we each loved what we tried.

Sean had the Pumps N’ Hoses Milk Stout, which they offered either on regular draft or on nitro. He decided on the regular draft, which he said had a nice milk chocolate taste up front, as well as a light roasted flavor which was pleasant and not overpowering.

Luke went with their Bad Ashley Sour Ale with Guava. It had a very nice light tartness that he expected from a sour ale, as well as a light fruity flavor with guava obviously being most pronounced. Overall a very refreshing and balanced beer while still highlighting the main flavors.

Varun tried the Flashpoint New England IPA which is a tried and true staple of House 6. Immediately he was impressed with the tropical flavors throughout the nose and palate, predominantly orange and tangerine. It definitely had a slight bitterness from the dry hopping where the citra hops shined most. True to the style it is a very smooth and hazy IPA.

The Atmosphere: When you first walk into House 6, you immediately see the fire house inspired set-up. There is a large L-shaped bar with fire station memorabilia overlooking it. In addition, there is a section for high-tops and a section for regular tables. In each section, there is a TV that has sports playing. Overall, the atmosphere at House 6 Brewing made it feel like I was one of the firefighters.

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