Spotlight On: Rocket Frog Brewing

Rocket Frog Brewing – Sterling, Virginia

The Interview:

The Beer: As is often the case, Sean, Luke, and Varun all tried something very different. This is easy to do at Rocket Frog because of the wide variety of styles available on draft.

Sean had the Snark Infested Waters, a Schwarzbier. A Schwarzbier is a dark lager with roasted malt tastes. This style often does not have the bitterness that goes along with some styles that feature roasted malts. Snark Infested Waters is a good example of a traditional Schwarzbier. Easy to drink and a style that helped Sean get into craft beer.

Luke had the Kai Gose to the Beach, a Gose. Gose’s are just one of the styles of beer that many consumers simply refer to as “sours.” Kai Gose to the Beach is named after the head brewers son. It is a delicious balance of tartness, citrus and a hint of saltiness that really does remind you of the beach.

Varun tried the Angry Angry Alice, a double IPA. Angry Angry Alice is a pleasantly and strongly hopped DIPA that gives off warm and welcoming citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

The Atmosphere: Rocket Frog Brewing has a cool, relaxed, laid back vibe. Artwork on the walls helps the taproom seem cozy. Large tables can accommodate larger groups. The N64 video game area was also pretty cool!

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