Our Story

Beer in Loudoun was founded by three friends: Sean, Luke, and Varun. The group became friends many years ago while growing up in Ashburn, Virginia. They continue to be Loudoun County residents to this day. These days they enjoy going to breweries together, recording their podcast, and traveling to the beaches of lower slower Delaware. A bit about each of them:

Sean: Sean has called Ashburn, Virginia home since the day he was born. Sean is a long-suffering avid DC sports fan, a proud alumnus of the University of Mary Washington, and has never lost an argument in his life. When in doubt, drink a stout.

Luke: Luke was born in Seattle, Washington but has been living in Loudoun County for the last decade. His biggest passions are cars and gaming. Luke loves trying new unique beers.

Varun: Varun has lived in Ashburn since he was two years old. His favorite craft beer styles include New England IPAs, Brut IPAs, and Hefeweizens. He also loves hip-hop, gaming, and binging HBO shows.

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